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Thanks to a grant provided by our sister station WNET, Maryland Public Television was afforded an exciting opportunity to partner with a local institution to create a series of videos.  Please take a look below.

About our community partner:
The Carnegie Institution for Science was started in 1902 (originally named the Carnegie Institution of Washington) as an organization for scientific discovery. Today, there are six scientific departments on the West and East Coasts. MPT is privileged to work with the The Department of Embryology, located in Baltimore, MD. The Department of Embryology has become recognized worldwide as one of the premier research centers in cellular, developmental and genetic biology. The department has a unique atmosphere and research style that has allowed a small enterprise to have a disproportionately large impact on science. They revere this atmosphere as their source of inspiration and strive to further improve it as the department evolves within the current milieu of intensive activity, investment and opportunity in the biological sciences. 

Kamena Kostova

Over the years The Kostova Lab has gained detailed knowledge of ribosome structure, function, and biogenesis; however, a major unanswered question in the translation field is how cells monitor the integrity of the ribosome itself.

Learn more about this emerging scientist by clicking the link below.

Watch Video Here
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Joseph G. Gall

Dr. Gall is a luminary in the biological sciences and his contributions to our understanding of chromosome structure and function cannot be overstated. In winning the prestigious Albert Lasker Special Achievement Award, he was called the “founder of modern cell biology.”

Learn more about this established scientist by clicking the link below.

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PBS Learning Media - Career Video

Take a more in depth look at Kamena Kostova's career and hear the advice she has for young women looking to embark on a career in science.

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